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Nice to know I'm not the one resorting to stock image collages for game assets.

This game deserves to be among the RPG Maker classics like Yume Nikki or OFF. The artstyle is great, gameplay is ok and the atmosphere and plot are genuinely engaging.

My only nitpick is that there are a few areas where the collage style makes hard to distinguish between background and foreground. For instance, I was stuck for a bit in the Anxiety chapter only to realize an asset I believed to be a broken bridge was a normal bridge with some black buildings in front of it. Giving brighter colors to the walkable path might have helped here. Also, the combat in the Anger chapter gets a bit tiring, although I think it kinda makes sense given the plot.

Anxiety best boi

Thank you for the feedback.


Hi! I've been playing this game, and I'd like to translate it into Latin-American Spanish.

If you're interested, just tell me!

Hello, thanks for the offer. I am a solo dev and the money from this game has gone to charity so I don’t have the money to pay for a translation.

If you do a fan translation you have my permission to release it anyway you like though. 

Sorry I didn't mention it, but since you're a small dev I was thinking of doing it for free =)

That would be great. Let me know if there is anything you need from me. You can message me at any of my socials (links on my profile). 

really wish to play this game for a long time..may I ask if a mac version would ever be possible^^

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Unfortunately, the game was made in an older version of rpgmaker that is not compatible with macs. One option is Wineskin (A tool used to run windows programs on a mac). I have used Wineskin to play the game on a mac and it seemed to run fine, if that is an available option for you.

thanks!! yeah I will definitely try that, and look forward to your new game(the sequel)!

ahh finally managed to play this game through a virtual machine free trial:)) I thought about what to comment here, yet eventually, i guess i just want to say, "thank you soooo much for making this~"


Thank you for going through the extra steps to play it.

One of my favorite games. Its art style is really distinctive and interesting, and I'd never seen this kind of plot explored like this before. Some of the battles were tedious but overall it was an amazing experience, especially with the soundtrack.

Thank you!

I found this game on steam, but for some reason itch's search does not show your game

The game is marked as having sensitive content so it won't show up in a search on unless a user allows that type of content in their profile.

wow that game was amazing, i enjoyed every minute of it

Thank you!

I finally finished the game today, and all I have to say is that I enjoyed and I loved the art style for this.

Thank you!